A typical day at House by the park

A typical day at House by the park

We love to do things together

At House by the park our children learn through play. We offer every day something new that includes the following:

  • free playing, reading books, telling stories;
  • drawing, painting, paper folding, paper mache, baking;
  • dancing, doing exercises, yoga;
  • singing songs, memorizing rhymes, playing and listening to music;
  • going outdoors to our own playground and nearby parks every day (when the weather is dry);
  • visiting animal farm; visiting animal farm;
  • take the kids to the beach during the summer
  • swimming. (These activity require parents’ permission.)

Eating habits :

  • about 9.30 all the children are arrived and they start with some fresh fruit
  • about 12.00 is lunchtime. Our warm meals contains meat(chicken, beef..,), pasta, potato, rice and vegetables. All is homemade food with milk or water.
  • after lunch it is nap time for the children. After they wake up around 14:30/14:45 they get a cracker with healthy spreads, cucumber and snack tomatoes with water.
  • at 16.30 they get fruit and snack vegetables again with water
  • if your child needs special diet or has some allergies, you can inform us about it during our intake

Free to explore

At our House by the park, the children regularly enjoy activities with other groups. This broadens their life environment. Kids get to know other children, do new things and usually get challenged by our teachers and others while an activity . This positively impacts their development. We apply this policy when going to the park, the swimming pool or the animal farm.

The beginning of the day and the end of it

In the morning

The children are welcomed by our teachers starting at 7:10 a.m.

Up until half of the groups are complete, the children play together in the large front room of House by the park. Only then they join their own groups and start age-specific activities with their own teachers.

In the afternoon

Starting at 4 p.m. parents begin picking-up their children. After 5 p.m., the remaining number of kids stay to play in the big room until 6.10 p.m. – our closing time.

When all children are together, our pedagogical staff has the instruction to encourage to speak English with them.