About us


What does our childcare stand for?

Small-scale and high quality

At House by the Park childcare everything revolves around the child and loving, personal contact and professional involvement come first. Every child is unique and deserves our personal attention to develop optimally in a stimulating, homely atmosphere.

Clear communication

To ensure this, we keep our groups small and the design of the daycare center small-scale. In addition, we pay a lot of attention during the selection of our employees, so that they work with motivation and sincerity according to our pedagogical vision. We believe permanent teachers are a must for the daily well-being of your child, and therefore do not work with temporary workers or temporary substitutes.

Stability and continuity

We believe that children need stability and continuity to flourish and prosper. That is why the children come to childcare at least three times a week. In this way they build a lasting relationship with both the staff and the other children, and they quickly feel relaxed and at home.

Norms and values ​​in our daycare center

To function well in society, children must learn and internalize the values, norms and rules of society. This way they can grow into a positive personality and find their way in society.

Children from House by the Park childcare come from all continents. Every child comes with their own set of norms and values. It is extremely fascinating to see the different cultures side by side, and to see how much the children learn from each other and their environment.

Discover through play

To stimulate fine motor skills, our daycare center has various materials with which children can build, stick, draw and the like. To stimulate gross motor development, there are bicycles, a climbing and slide, scooters and balls in different sizes. While children learn to observe, organise, sort and experiment, their cognitive and creative development is stimulated. They can play individually, in groups or together with a pedagogical staff member with puzzles, cans, paint, glue, paper and folding sheets, scraps, clay, sand and water, stimulating their spatial insight and thinking skills. Through this diverse range of activities and opportunities for free expression, children learn to give free rein to their imagination.

Naturally, all materials and toys have been carefully chosen based on pedagogical insight. Every day the children dance and sing and are read to by the teacher. The children learn to work together in a group and help each other, which promotes social and emotional development.

Our theoretical background and working method form the basis for our dynamic pedagogical policy. By working and discovering, we arrive at the best agreements. House by the Park regularly and specifically investigates the well-being of the children and the satisfaction of the parents through observations and evaluations. We use the results of this research to adjust or improve existing policy. Read more about our vision here: the theoretical basis.

‘Thanks to theory I know, thanks to practice I feel’ (Janusz Korczak)