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Relax or play after school?

Children do not always want to participate in activities after a long day at school. At House by the park we respectfully listen to the children and their needs for rest or relaxation. But if they still have energy left after a long day at school, we have fun activities galore!

speeltuin schommel
zwemmen house by the park

Our activities

Depending on their age and personal interests, they can, for example:

    • Playing games together
    • Swimming (Tuesdays during school vacations, (with parental permission)
    • Drawing, painting or dancing
    • Gymnastics at the Afterschool group with gym equipment (every Friday)
    • Playing outside (backyard, orange park, Westbroekpark)
    • Reading, doing homework, language exercises, etc.
    • Listening to children’s music or singing yourself

Example of playing schedule

Below you can see in a schedule what the children do after school:

The daycare daily routine of Comme a la maison
This daily schedule is the planning of the day by time and activities. Our daily schedule gives the children routine, peace and regularity and it’s also guidance for staff. We can depart from this day program, but we strive to keep this day program for routine of our children.



15.00 – 15.30

Eating a healthy snack(cucumber, snack tomatoes, bell pepper) and drinking water.

15.30 – 16.15

Depending on the weather playing outside, going to the park/farm or doing gymnastic

16.15 – 16.30

Eating a cracker with healthy spreads with water

16.30 – 17.00

Singing and dancing time

17.00 – 18.10

Story time, playing freely and saying goodbye to their friends


Putting your child first

Our out-of-school care pursues a level and quality equivalent to that of the international schools in The Hague. Our supervisors are experienced and motivated; they put your child’s development first!

Why Comme a la maison

We are not the only out-of-school care in The Hague or Scheveningen, but we are unique in our concept: we are the only one in The Hague with a minimum of 3 days of care per week. This ensures continuity and stability for the children.
These are the advantages if you choose us:

Beautiful location in The Hague-Scheveningen. Familiar environment, small-scale and homely. So you discover the world safely and confidently.

Natural social development: together with other children you learn through play. With us, children play outside a lot and we take many trips. We also provide space for doing homework and/or assignments.

Our half-English, half-French BSO group consists of children ages 3 to 11 and can accommodate up to 9 children. We are very internationally oriented, our children come from many different countries. We work with permanent leaders, and no temps.

Healthy snacks, delicious organic food, lots of fruit (included in the price).