Coaching plan

Comme a la Maison

Coaching plan 2023

At Comme a la Maison, every pedagogical staff member is entitled to coaching. This is stated in the bill on Innovation and Quality of Childcare (IKK Act). The Act requires that as of January 1, 2019, a ‘pedagogical policy officer’ be available in every childcare location for pedagogical policy development as well as coaching of the pedagogical staff members.

In addition to developing the pedagogical policy, the pedagogical policy officer as coach will improve the pedagogical quality of the work and professional development of the pedagogical staff members. A coach guides and trains the staff member(s) in their daily practical work. Every pedagogical staff member receives annual coaching from the director who is also the coach for all pedagogical staff members.

The pedagogical policy officer/coach may count in the BKR when he/she is in the group as a cooperating coach. This only applies to the time the pedagogical policy officer performs work as a pedagogical staff member, i.e. caring for, educating and contributing to the development of children. The coaching then manifests itself, for example, by providing examples, tips, advice and further explanation during the work. On this basis, each pedagogical staff member receives a personal interview with tips/advice and you have plenty of time to present a situation to your coach and or ask for advice on bottlenecks.

speelplaats spelen samen

Pedagogical coach/policy officer in one position

    • The pedagogical coach helps you realize your goals, based on your conversations with your coach.
    • Pedagogical coaching focuses specifically on the pedagogical quality in care.
    • The pedagogical coach is concerned with the development and implementation of the pedagogical policy and coaching pedagogical staff members in their actions.

Coaching forms

We use the following coaching forms:

    • Cooperating Coach in the group, each pm’er works at least one day a week in the group with the coach. The coach can then observe and cooperate with the pm’er. During the cooperation the pm’er gets the chance to ask questions about e.g. a situation, advice on how to deal with bottlenecks and etc.
    • Individual coaching conversations, each pm’er gets a preliminary conversation, a coaching conversation and an evaluation conversation at the end of the year. The pm’er then gets the chance and opportunity to ask all her questions. The goals of the pm’er are discussed in the preliminary interview and at the end of the year in November, after the parents/teacher talks, it is discussed whether the desired goals have been achieved.
    • Team coaching, during the meetings attention is paid to the cooperation and communication between the pm’rs. Situations are discussed where the pm’ers encounter problems, etc. The coach encourages and gives tips to strengthen the cooperation and also how they can improve communication among themselves.

Why House at the park

We are not the only childcare in The Hague or Scheveningen, but we are unique in our concept: at least 3,4 or 5 days of childcare per week as the only one in The Hague. This ensures continuity and stability for the children.
These are the advantages if you choose us:

Beautiful location in The Hague-Scheveningen. Familiar environment, small-scale and homely. So you discover the world safely and confidently.

Natural social development: together with other children you learn through play. With us, children play outside a lot and we take many trips.

Free choice of Dutch-speaking or English-speaking groups (expat groups). Bilingual childcare has been our trademark for years, not only for expats in The Hague.

Healthy hot lunch, delicious organic food, lots of fruit.