Sharing information

Did teething keep your child up all night? Is he in a brilliant mood this morning? Is she a bit sad because Mummy is on a business trip? Please tell our carers this type of important information in the morning or write it down in your child’s nursery book.

Use our nursery book!

The nursery book is your child’s log book of the life at House by the park. We write when and what your child ate, when he or she went to sleep, what activities they did during the day and with whom… But you may fill your child’s nursery book too and tell us if anything special happened at home, like your child’s first steps. The nursery book tells the story of your child’s development and is not only very useful for us in caring for your child, it is a great treasure for later.

Yearly evaluation

Once a year we sit with you to discuss your child’s well-being and progress at House by the park. We talk about how your child interacts with others, how he/she behaves in new situations, how does he/she sleeps and eats. The parent-teacher meeting is a great opportunity to compare your child’s behaviour both at home and in the day care centre. It also ensures that we work in tandem for the full development of your child.