Daycare rates


Daycare rates

Affordable quality child care

House by the park’s prices are comparable to other quality daycare centers in The Hague. Prices are “all inclusive”: a hot meal, healthy snacks, milk, diapers, powdered milk, craft supplies, etc. Parents only pay extra fees for one specific activity outside the daycare center; swimming.

We are open 11 hours a day, Monday through Friday from 7:10am to 6:10pm. House by the park is only closed on official Dutch holidays and for 6 days during the summer vacations. Every year these dates are decided by a vote by our parent committee and management before the summer vacations. View our annual plan.

Our basic principle

Because we strive for a homely atmosphere and stability in our groups, we ask parents to bring their children for a minimum of 3 days. We are the only one in The Hague to offer childcare for a minimum of 3 days per week. From our experience we have learned that children need stability and continuity to bond with the other children and the pedagogical staff.

A free extra day

House by the park offers one free flexible day per year. Only if we have enough space (perhaps in a group other than your own).

Additional days

For parents who sometimes need an extra day for their child, we charge €110 per extra day.

Prices in 2024

Here you can see our hourly rate per child. The price decreases the more days you come. Please be aware that the prices below are large sums for which you can receive child care subsidies.

Number of days Price per hour Hours per week Monthly fees (without surcharge)
3 days €11,94 33 €1.707,43
4 days €11,85 44 €2.260,00
5 days €11,77 55 €2.805,21

To register for child care benefits with the IRS, you will need House by the park’s LRK number, which is 116673758.

You can find the inspection report of House by the park here

Childcare allowance

In the Netherlands, all parents who work and have children in a daycare center are eligible for childcare subsidies from the tax authorities. This applies to expats, those working at international organizations, as well as Dutch citizens.

The allowance is given on a per-child basis. It depends on family income and the number of children in child care. It can cover 80% of the cost.

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