We love to do things together

At House by the park our children learn through play. We offer age and ability specific daily activities are. These include:

  • free playing, reading books, telling stories;
  • drawing, painting, paper folding, paper mache, baking;
  • dancing, gymnastics, yoga;
  • singing songs, reciting rhymes, playing music, listening to music;
  • going outdoors to our own playground every day when the weather is good;
  • going outdoors to the nearby petting zoo or to Westbroek Park, Beach, Sealife and Museum
  • swimming on Tuesday’s at the Blinkerd

Free to explore

At House by the park, the children regularly enjoy activities with other groups. This widens their life environment. Children get to know other children, do new things and are challenged. This positively impacts their development. We apply this policy when going to the park, the swimming pool, the gymnastics class or the petting zoo.