Quality daycare at a fair price

House by the park’s rates are similar to those of other quality international child care centres in The Hague. They are all-inclusive: diapers, healthy snacks and meals, milk formula, craft materials, boating, etc. Parents only pay additional fees for specific outdoor activities (e.g. swimming every Tuesday or gym school).

We are open 11 hours a day, Monday to Friday, from 7:10 to 18:10. House by the park only closes on official Dutch public holidays and for 6 consecutive days in the summer. The dates of this 6 day closing period are decided by the Parents Committee, by vote. Check our year plan.

One free of charge additional day

House by the park provides one free of charge flexible day per year. Only if we have enough space (maybe in another group than own group).

The minimum number of days

To ensure quality and create a homely atmosphere and stability in the groups, we ask parents to enrol their child for at least 3 days a week. This helps children bond with teachers and other children.

House by the Park Childcare Fees 2023:

Our hourly rate per child is listed in the table below. The price decreases the more days you book. Please note that the amounts below are gross amounts for which you may obtain childcare allowance.

Number of days Hourly rate Hours a week Monthly cost
(before allowance)
3 days €11,16 33 €1.595,89
4 days €11,08 44 €2.112,60
5 days €11,00 55 €2.621,69

To apply for childcare allowance at the Tax Office you need the LRK number of House by the Park child care, which is 116673758.

Here you can find the inspection report of House by the Park

Childcare allowance

In the Netherlands, all families with working/studying parents whose children are enrolled in formal childcare are eligible for a childcare allowance under the Dutch Childcare Act.

This Act applies to expatriates, staff of international organisations as well as to Dutch citizens and residents. The allowance is calculated per child. The amount depends on the household income and the number of children enrolled in childcare. It can be as high as 94% of the costs.

To get an idea of the allowance you can get read more about this topic on the website of the  Belastingdienst.

On the website from the tax office you can run a estimation to calculate the amount of childcare allowance you are entitled to simply by entering basic details on your personal situation. The calculation is based on annual incomes, number of hours your child is attending House by the Park each week and the hourly rate,..

A table has been developed to help you understand the level of childcare allowance you are likely to receive, depending on your combined annual income for 2021. The link below will take you to the table. However, please be aware the allowance will always be calculated based on your own very particular situation. When applying you will be requested to supply exact information which are particular to your family situation.

Please checkout rekentoolkinderopvang.nl for example calculations.

Our bank information

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