Discovering through play


Discovering through play

Encouraging development

For the stimulation of fine motor skills, House by the park has various materials with which the children can build, glue, draw and the like. To stimulate gross motor development, there are bicycles, a climbing and sliding slide, scooters, treadmills, and balls of various sizes. As the children learn to perceive, order, sort, and experiment, their cognitive and creative development is stimulated. They can play individually, in groups, or with the help of a teaching assistant with puzzles, cans, paint, glue, paper and folding sheets, patches, clay, sand, and water which stimulates their spatial understanding and thinking skills. Through this diverse range of activities and opportunities for free expression, children learn to let their imaginations run wild.

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Pedagogically sound

Naturally, all materials and toys are carefully chosen from a pedagogical perspective. This is done not only at the day care but also in group of the out-of-school care (BSO). Every day the children dance and sing and a pedagogical staff member reads to the children. The children learn to work together in a group and help each other, which promotes social development.

Development journal

Your child will receive his or her own diary. In it the teachers write about the development of your son or daughter. They will also note any special circumstances during care. You can also write down any wishes or changes in your child’s care in the diary. Our staff will then take this into account during the nursery visit.

Why House at the Park

We are not the only childcare in The Hague or Scheveningen, but we are unique in our concept: at least 3,4 or 5 days of childcare per week as the only one in The Hague. This ensures continuity and stability for the children.
These are the benefits if you choose us:

Beautiful location in The Hague-Scheveningen. Familiar environment, small-scale and homely. So you discover the world safely and confidently.

Natural social development: together with other children you learn through play. With us, children play outside a lot and we take many trips.

Free choice of Dutch-speaking or English-speaking groups (expat groups). Bilingual childcare has been our trademark for years, not only for expats in The Hague.

Healthy hot lunch, delicious organic food, lots of fruit.