Health & safety

Peace of mind

House by the park meets all the health and safety requirements. Your child is safe with us.

Fire department and GGD

House by the park holds a safety certificate from the fire department and we regularly conduct fire drills. All members of our team are trained to handle emergencies and are qualified to administer first aid.

In addition, we are registered at the municipal Community Health Service (GGD). Registration guarantees parents that we provide good quality childcare and that our parents can receive a childcare allowance from the Dutch government. The GGD inspects House by the park every year. Please read the latest GGD reports on House by the park’s daycare and House by the park’s after-school care (in Dutch only).

20 years without an accident

The GGD also requires that all daycare centers publish an accident report every year that is available to the public. House by the park is proud that its center has been accident free since its founding in 2001.