Contact with parents

  • Interaction

House by the park finds it important that there is regular coordination between the parents and the leaders. When picking up or bringing your child, you will always have brief contact with the leader. At this busy time there is not always enough time to talk extensively. If you want a quiet conversation, you can always make an appointment with the leader.

  • Parent Talk

At least once a year a parent meeting is organized. You will receive an invitation for this. You will have the opportunity to talk quietly with your child’s leader and the staff. Furthermore, the results of the well-being test will be discussed with you.

  • Diary

Your child will receive his or her own “diary” in which the teachers will keep you informed of your child’s development and any special circumstances during care. You can also mention in the diary events at home, wishes or changes in care (e.g. after a visit to the consultation bureau or the family doctor). The leaders can then take this into account.

  • Consultation

If you would like to have a conversation with the educational worker or the leadership of House by the park, it is always possible. You can then email or call us for an appointment.

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