National Register of Childcare The Hague


National Register of Childcare The Hague

Your child is in good hands with us

Are you looking for a child care center that is registered in the national register of child care in The Hague? Then we at House by the park can be of service to you. We have been in the care business for over 20 years and work with Dutch and English speaking groups. Our pedagogical staff is all well trained, experienced and continuously screened. We are also registered in the national register of child care. So your child is in good hands with us in The Hague (near Scheveningen)!

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Why national register child care in The Hague?

If a daycare is registered with the national childcare register, you can claim childcare allowance. Anyone who lives and works in the Netherlands and has a child in a daycare center can apply for this. This applies not only to Dutch citizens, but also to expats in The Hague. The allowance applies per child and can cover 80% of the costs. The amount you get depends on your income and the number of children.


Quality guaranteed

Not just anyone is allowed to register in the national child care register. For example, certain conditions must be met. We meet all strict quality and safety standards in The Hague. In addition, pedagogical staff members have completed training in the right direction and have a certificate of good behavior. Thus, based on the national register of childcare, we can guarantee you that your child will be properly cared for with us.

Come meet us in The Hague!

The national child care register indicates that a daycare center has its affairs in order. We understand that you would like to see this with your own eyes. So feel free to visit us. Perhaps you can combine your visit with the beach in Scheveningen? We look forward to seeing you! For more information please call (070-4049750) or email ( Our number at the national childcare register in The Hague is 131862790.

Development journal

Your child will receive his or her own diary. In it the teachers write about the development of your son or daughter. They will also note any special circumstances during care. You can also write down any wishes or changes in your child’s care in the diary. Our staff will then take this into account during the nursery visit.

We do things a little differently

Our approach is slightly different from any other daycare that is also registered in the national register of childcare in The Hague. You can only benefit from this:

You can opt for flexible care, where your child is welcome with us between 7:10 am and 6:10 pm. Our leaders keep a diary of your child’s development.

We regularly take fun trips to the Westbroekpark, farm etc in The Hague or the beach in Scheveningen.

We offer a homelike atmosphere with small groups (English or Dutch speaking).

Our prices include healthy snacks, daily fresh lunch and diapers.