out-of-school care The Hague

out-of-school care The Hague

Extracurricular care Den Haag

Relaxed and safe: just like home

Are you looking for an after-school care center in The Hague for your offspring? Do you think regular outings, for example to Scheveningen beach, are important? Do you value a homely atmosphere and healthy food? Then choose House by the park for your child’s care. We have more than 20 years of experience in The Hague. Our out-of-school location is always cozy and homey, so your son or daughter can feel at home.

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Children like to do much

We enjoy doing extracurricular activities with children. For example, in the summer we like to visit the beach in Scheveningen, but we also regularly go to the Westbroekpark or the petting zoo. But also in the after-school program itself we do not sit still. Children can read, do crafts, bake, dance or make music. There is plenty to do with us in The Hague and Scheveningen!

Our out-of-school care in The Hague

In our care in The Hague, we try to teach each child values such as respect for others and learning to deal with cultural differences. Below are some other practical matters:

    • We are open on weekdays from 7:10 am to 6:10 pm.
    • We are closed on public holidays, as well as 6 days during summer vacation.
    • For good bonding, we like to see your offspring at least three times a week.
    • It is no problem to schedule an occasional extra day of care.
    • Our prices include fruit and healthy snacks in The Hague or Scheveningen.

Discover our shelter in The Hague

Do you think our out-of-school care is something for your children in The Hague? Then we invite you to come and have a look and taste the atmosphere of our care in The Hague. We can tell you which extracurricular activities we undertake, for example. You can reach us by phone at 070-4049750 or by email at info@calmkid.nl. Feel free to convince yourself that we are the most fun and best extracurricular care in The Hague!

Putting your child first

Our out-of-school care pursues a level and quality equivalent to that of the international schools in The Hague. Our supervisors are experienced and motivated; they put your child’s development first!

Why Comme a la maison

We are not the only out-of-school care in The Hague or Scheveningen, but we are unique in our concept: we are the only one in The Hague with a minimum of 3 days of care per week. This ensures continuity and stability for the children.
These are the advantages if you choose us:

Beautiful location in The Hague-Scheveningen. Familiar environment, small-scale and homely. So you discover the world safely and confidently.

Natural social development: together with other children you learn through play. With us, children play outside a lot and we take many trips. We also provide space for doing homework and/or assignments.

Our half-English, half-French out-of-school care group consists of children ages 3 to 11 and can accommodate up to 9 children. We are very internationally oriented, our children come from many different countries. We work with permanent leaders, and no temps.

Healthy snacks, delicious organic food, lots of fruit (included in the price).