Parents’ experiences

Our best ambassadors

Other parents’ experiences are important when looking for quality childcare. This is especially the case for expat families. House by the park is proud to share parents’ experiences.

“The smile on my sons’ face says it all”

“We came to House by the park in November 2008. What we found was a warm welcome, reassurance and ultimately a second home for my son. We now have a second boy at House by the park, and never considered anywhere else. I think the smiles on my sons’ faces when they see their carers at House by the park say it all.”

Parents of 2 sons (United Kingdom)

“5 terrific years”

“My two daughters had 5 terrific years at House by the park. It truly felt like home. House by the park offers a cosy environment with consistency of staff, and flexible solutions are always possible. When we moved away, House by the park wrote a full report on my children’s development for their new childcare. This was very much appreciated. I would definitely recommend House by the park.”

Sinead (United Kingdom)

“The best childcare center we can imagine”

“House by the park is simply the best childcare center we can possibly imagine! We visited many of them in The Hague and the surrounding area, but the atmosphere at House by the park is unique. We particularly value the outdoor activities, the hot meals, the bilingualism and the flexibility that House by the park offers. The fact that it is a small-scale center is also a plus. Our son of almost 4 loves coming here and his future sister/brother is already registered!”

Arno Klompmaker (The Netherlands)

“A safe, warm and steady environment”

“I like the way children are encouraged to play nicely and make friends with each other. The children have a safe, warm and steady environment. My eldest daughter learned both English and Dutch at House by the park, which is helping her very much at the international school.”

Roxana, mother of 2 girls (Romania)

“At House by the park they are always happy to help”

“We found it a lovely experience at House by the park. The carers are affectionate and loving towards the children. My eldest has really blossomed this last year, talking both Dutch and English and even a bit of French! Where we struggled with potty training, House by the park worked some magic and now he is nappy free. He is been there for 2.5 years, soon on his way to big school, and he will miss the carers at House by the park very much when he has to leave, as will we!

House by the park is very flexible. They are always happy to help, which is just what you need when both parents work. I have suffered from poor health the last 2 years and House by the park has been great at supporting us.”

Mother of 2 (United States)

“All the teachers are truly involved”

“We are very delighted by the quality of service delivered by House by the park. It deserves a 10/10 rating! House by the park provides a congenial and safe environment for our two girls (aged 2.5 and 6.5 years old). Some other childcare centers have big yards and there is always a lot of fighting owing to the lack of supervision. Here at House by the park, all the teachers are truly involved and care for the children. Whenever a problem arises, it can always be discussed. House by the park offers flexible solutions and also provides hot meals, which I personally find an asset.”

Marian Mangheloiu, mother of 2 girls (Romania)