‘Happy in my nappy’

As we are a second home for many of our international children, we are always aware of their welfare. At House by the park, we strive to make sure your child is happy and we work with that purpose in mind. Well-being is the most basic requirement for optimal development. Without it there is no development.

Every year in November we sit with you and talk about your child’s well-being and social and emotional development. We make sure we deliver our promise to you and to your child.

The quality of our care is regulated and monitored by being always visible

The quality of care provided by House by the park is strictly regulated and monitored by the Dutch childcare authorities. Please see our Health & Safety section for further information. House by the park is a registered childcare centre which takes pride in the fact that no accidents have occurred since its founding in 2001.

Besides the legal checks, our childcare staff, management and our parents’ committee work hand in hand to ensure that the quality of the care we provide your child remains constant.

At House by the park, we apply the ‘four eyes principle’, which means that there is always someone who is able to watch and hear a carer interacting with the children. All our playrooms have two independent doors, so there is no actual isolation one from another one. By this, we want to follow this principle to keep a continuous safe environment. In addition to this, House by the park has installed a modern security system with camera surveillance inside and outside the premises. And finally, our day care centre is visible to the outside world as our windows are transparent and are never covered. This gives an open feeling that you can easily see from outside to the inside and vice versa.