House by the park

House by the park is a private day care center in The Hague (located in Scheveningen) that is close to its clients with direct lines to the responsible management. House by the park is registered to operate child care and meets the standards and requirements set by the municipality of ‘s-Gravenhage (GGD) as laid down in the Child Care Act. We will always follow these requirements so that we meet everything. We make high demands on our staff. The pedagogical staff members have several interviews before they are hired. We do this so that we know we have the best professional employees walking around. Our groups have permanent leaders, so there is not a new face every day. It is also about the safety and education of your children. This allows us to respond well to the needs of the children, which in turn is good for their development. All this to offer the children a familiar environment.

Our childcare center has been located in The Hague for over 16 years. Because our facility is located close to the beach of Scheveningen, we like to go to the beach in the summer period with the expert guidance. We are the first daycare center to offer English-speaking daycare and after-school care. We set high standards for staff so that we work with only the best pedagogical staff.


House by the park has a user license according to the safety requirements of the fire department and takes care of insurance of the accident risk of children and leaders during their presence in the daycare center or on the associated grounds.

A healthy environment is important.This means that hygiene in the nursery is a priority.We follow GGD guidelines in the event that a child is sick in order to protect the other children and caregivers from illness and infection.We therefore strive to provide a familiar environment where children can express themselves in their own unique way guided by professional and knowledgeable leaders.

We practice evacuation once a year and all colleagues have a valid first aid certificate.In an emergency we can count on our neighbors Duinweg 3.Furthermore, there is always a colleague present who holds a valid BHV diploma.The owner and her colleagues take care of the health and safety of the children at all times and that is our main focus.

We say “prevention is better than cure”.

Child Care Act

The Child Care Act regulates the quality, financing and supervision of child care. The premise of the law is that there should be uniform rules so that parents can choose the organization that best suits them.

Our principles comply with legal frameworks such as the Child Care Act, the Child Care Collective Agreement and other legal frameworks: the Child Care Act, the Child Care Collective Agreement, other legal guidelines and policies. The supervisory task of the GGD is based on equal rules at the national level.

The Childcare Act requires a certificate of good conduct (VOG) from employees in the context of safety. For all House by the park employees, a VOG application is submitted in a timely manner so that every employee has a VOG.

  • Security
    Safety is an important tenet of professional child care. At House by the park, safety is a principle we think about every day.
  • For this we use the GGD tool “Gestion de la sécurité et de la santé, méthode pour les crèches” (health and safety management method for nurseries).
    This tool is used by the managers and the director. To encourage managers’ involvement, they participate in the evaluation of the action plan.
  • Research shows that most accidents are due to the behavior or inattention of individuals who do not respect safety rules. To ensure optimal safety in this form, a dynamic process must be implemented where workers must stop and think about the consequences of their actions.

This is why safety is a recurring theme during our team meetings.

By theory I know, by practice I feel” (Janusz Korczak).

To function well in society, children must learn and internalize the values, norms and rules of the society in which they live. In this way, they can develop a positive personality and find their way in society.

The children in House by the park come from all parts of the world. Each child receives a certain amount of baggage from his or her country of origin in terms of norms and values. It is interesting to see different cultures living side by side. The children learn a lot from each other and from their environment.

Children have a right to information and explanation to understand the world. The teaching assistant answers all the children’s questions honestly, naming what she sees and explaining what she is doing. She takes the children’s questions seriously and links the children’s perceptions to her explanations. From the beginning to the end of the day, the children are corrected, encouraged and informed. We say goodbye to mom and dad, they go to work,…. ‘Before dinner we sing a song, which is a regular ritual in the group. Prohibitions are also explained. You are not allowed to throw away your toys because,….. children need to find a link between norms and values and their daily routine at the nursery. Rewards and punishments must also be justified by a clear and understandable reason. You’re not allowed to hit, that’s not nice. You sit on the thinking chair,….

Thanks to the continuity of explanations and corrections, children learn norms and values and form a pleasant and fun group, with plenty of space and respect for each other’s differences. These are prerequisites for the development of social skills.

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