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House by the park works with experienced and motivated child care professionals that have the development and growth of your children at heart.

Since we consider it important that children feel at home, we make sure that they see familiar faces every day. We don’t work with temporary teachers or flex workers. Each group has 1 to 3 fixed teachers assigned, depending on the number of children. At House by the park stability is not an empty word!



Founder and director Drs. Fariba Motamedi holds a a Master of Arts degree in special education needs and child- nursing. She strives for an efficient and pedagogically justified form of child care, being appropriate for the current dynamic society.



Leyla has a lot of experience with the toddler and the pre-school groups. She is now the leader of the Dutch group. She is fully qualified to work with small children up to the end of primary school. She started at House by the park in 2010. She is very dynamic and adored by the children.


Marjan is in charge of the baby group. She completed her full nursing studies and specialized as a child nurse 20 years ago. She worked as a child nurse in a hospital before coming to House by the park. She has been working with us since 2009. The first babies she cared for here are already going to school now!


My name is Carlijn. I love singing and being outside. I work six years in childcare now and I really enjoy working with children. They are pure, innocent and you get a lot of love from them. I also find it important to give the children a good foundation for the future and Calm Kid seems the right place to do that.


My name is Arleta and I am 37 years old. I really enjoy stimulating children in their development. My favourite activity to do with the kids is dance. I enjoy seeing them sing and dance together.

I have previously worked at childcare’s and I like the fact that Comme a la Maison gives a cosy, homely feeling and I feel comfortable in a place where I can be myself and grow in my profession.


My name is Naomi and I am 42 years old. I’ve worked as a teacher at various childcares and pre-schools. Self-confidence, honesty and empathy are values I hold dear and aim to pass on to the children in my care.

Contributing to the unique development of each child, gives me enormous satisfaction. I feel that Comme le Maison is aligned with my values and I enjoy working here.